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Dinosaurium: Re-imagined Creatures

Dinosaur skull

About the Dinosaurium: Re-imagined Creatures exhibition

Protoceratops model ⓒ Hampshire Cultural Trust

Every dinosaur you have ever seen on film, TV or in books has at least in part been a work of imagination.

This family friendly exhibition takes a look at the long history of our relationship with dinosaurs - from ancient legends of mythical winged beasts in the deserts of central Asia to the creatures bought to life in Jurassic Park.

Featuring detailed models alongside memorabilia and fascinating fossils and specimens from our own collections, Dinosaurium explores how these incredible creatures have been re-imagined ever since they were first discovered. 

Learn about the animals that were around at the time of the dinosaurs and are still with us today and discover the passion and dedication of the fossil hunters and their collections.  

The exhibition is on loan from Hampshire Cultural Trust.

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